• •   Alcohol-free
  • •   Odorless
  • •   Colourless
  • •   Halal-certified
Safer for families
  • •   Non-drying
  • •   Gentle on skin
  • •   No fire risk
  • •   Harmless to humans
Environmentally friendly
  • •   Biodegradable
  • •   Made from natural ingredients
  • •   Generally harmless to animals & plants
  • •   Kind to the environment
No harsh chemicals
  • •   Non-flammable
  • •   Non-corrosive
  • •   No harmful residues
  • •   Non-toxic
99.999% effective against microbes
  • •   Clinically-tested
  • •   High anti-microbial efficacy
  • •   Broad spectrum biocidal efficacy
  • •   Demonstratable results
Longer-lasting protection
  • •   High residual efficacy of up to 24 hours
  • •   Works even after it dries
  • •   Prevents further contamination within 24 hours of application
  • •   Economical with 20% to 30% less usage
  • •   Can be sprayed, misted or wiped
  • •   Cost-effective
  • •   Applicable to many sectors
  • •   Easily available in shops or online

The safer disinfectant especially for families

Viridis is a water-based disinfectant. Unlike traditional disinfectants, Viridis is non-toxic because it does not contain harsh chemicals and compounds. It is colourless and fragrance-free. Viridis is also non-flammable as it is alcohol-free. This makes Viridis sanitisers very safe to use, especially for families as it is gentle to the skin and does not cause dryness. As Viridis is non-corrosive, our multi-surface disinfectants are also ideal for many industries. Viridis is alcohol-free and therefore has achieved Halal status by Jakim, the body responsible for halal-certification in Malaysia.

Kinder to the environment

Made out of natural ingredients, Viridis is 100% biodegradable. Unlike other disinfectants which contain synthetic toxic chemicals and fragrances, Viridis does not harm the environment. Viridis generally poses no threat to plants, fish, and other animals after release into waterways or the environment as it is able to break down naturally.

Powerful defence against pathogens

Viridis’ carefully-formulated combination of active ingredients enables it to successfully destroy pathogens. These active ingredients are able to work synergistically together to eliminate germs. From our clinical and field tests, Viridis has demonstrated a high microbiocidal efficacy and is 99.999% effective against a broad spectrum of microbes including viruses, bacteria, fungi, moulds and yeasts. It is a unique water-based disinfectant that can offer similar anti-microbial efficacy compared to alcohol-based disinfectants.

Longer-lasting protection

Unlike alcohol-based products which evaporate, Viridis continues working after it dries because it is water-based. Upon killing pathogens on contact, Viridis continues to protect surfaces and hands by preventing reinfection even after it dries.  This longer-lasting residual efficacy is made possible thanks to our unique Residual Barrier Technology. When surfaces are treated with Viridis, a residual barrier or protective layer is created which prevents further microbial contamination for up to 24 hours. It remains effective against microbes even without the need to reapply.

Convenient, easy to use
and saves money

Viridis is available as a multi-surface disinfectant, hand sanitiser and wet wipe disinfectant. It is convenient and easy to use. It can be sprayed, misted or wiped down, giving individuals, households, hospitals, nursing homes, childcare centers, dental centers, places of worships, hotels and other businesses various cleaning and sanitisation options depending on their needs. As Viridis has a longer residual efficacy, it is more cost-effective and will generate savings in the longer run.

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