Infection prevention
through hand hygiene

Good hand hygiene is important to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Our anti-bacterial and anti-viral hand sanitisers are safe to use and alcohol-free, offering enhanced and longer-lasting protection against viruses, bacteria and other harmful microbes.

Powerful and longer-lasting protection

Clinically-proven to be effective against harmful germs, Viridis hand sanitisers are able to kill microbes within 60 seconds. After it has dried, Viridis continues to protect your skin and prevent further contamination for up to 4 hours, without the need to reapply.

Kind to skin

Thoughtfully formulated, our hand sanitisers are made from biodegradable ingredients that are infused with natural chitosan, a non-drying agent which leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturised. They are gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.

Water-based, offering longer-lasting protection than alcohol

Unique disinfection formulation

Convenient and easy to use

Colour, fragrance and alcohol-free

100% biodegradable


Long residual efficacy that can provide protection for up to 4 hours without needing to reapply

99.999% effective against a broad spectrum of microbes


Gentle to hands and suitable for sensitive skin

Prolonged skin protection and care through innovative formulation using natural Chitosan

Active ingredients

Lactic acid, 2-Phenoxyethanol

Our range of hand sanitisers

Viridis Anti-bacterial Handrub
60ml Mist Spray

For people on-the-go, we have convenient travel-sized 60ml mist spray sanitisers that can be easily stored in your carry-on or pocket. This gives you peace of mind when you have no access to soap or water but need to keep your hands germ-free while you’re out of your home.


Viridis Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral Handrub
500ml Lotion Pump

Our hand sanitisers are also available in a larger capacity lotion pump bottle. Suitable for household, business or industrial use. Press to dispense.

Viridis Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral Handrub 500ml Refill

Our refills come in handy when you need to top up your existing bottles or fill other separate containers.

How to use

Dispense enough foam, mist spray or liquid  to coat hands. Rub hands together thoroughly, taking care to rub between fingers and finger nails. Leave to air dry or dry with air drier.

Microbiocidal Efficacy of Viridis Hand Sanitisers

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