Focus on safety and efficacy 

We combine science and research to formulate and create products with high antimicrobial efficacy and long residual efficacy. Led by world-class research experts who have established a name for themselves in their field, our R&D team focuses on developing products that are safe and effective.

Human health is a key priority for us. At the same time, we pay close attention to sustainability, ensuring that our solutions have minimal environmental impact.

Besides conducting in-house testing, we also commission independent testing of Viridis products to ensure that they meet relevant safety and industry requirements.

World-Class Research

The RBT R&D team have deep experience in the chemical, medical device and pharmaceutical industry and are passionate about developing safer and more effective solutions for disinfectants.

In addition, we have also engaged, on a consultancy basis, the Centre of Virus and Vaccine Research, Sunway University (Malaysia) to carry out extensive local testing. The Centre is led by Distinguished Professor Poh Chit Laa, a leading microbiologist and virologist in the region. Through her work, we are able to conduct field trials to validate our laboratory results.