Suitable for a wide range of sectors and industries

Our Residual Barrier Technology plays a critical role in neutralising microbes and protecting surfaces from recontamination for a far longer period of up to 24 hours. This makes Viridis suitable for sanitisation, hygiene preservation and infection prevention in a broad range of industries and in places with high-touch surfaces.

Our products can be used in the following sectors:

Medical and healthcare

Hospitals, clinics, dental, nursing homes, medical devices


Food and drink

Food processing, F&B outlets



Childcare, kindergartens, schools



Airports, bus and train terminals



Pet shops, zoos, animal care, vets

Hospitality and leisure

Hotels, leisure attractions, theatres, theme parks




Life sciences

Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, laboratories

Sports and wellness

Sports hubs, fitness facilities, gyms, spa and massage




Supermarket, convenient stores, petrol stations

Professional cleaning

Industrial cleaning, facility management


Places of worship

Mosques, churches and temples


Industrial and manufacturing

Factories, warehouses



Workspaces, offices, meeting spaces



Kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces