A key line of defence against pathogens

Disinfecting surfaces in hospitals, households, workplaces and industrial facilities is a key line of defence to prevent the spread of germs. Daily disinfecting should be done on high-touch surfaces and objects such as doorknobs, lift buttons, desks, phones, computer keyboards, faucets and countertops, amongst others, to slow or prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.

Our range of ready-to-use disinfectants for hard surfaces, which includes trigger sprays, mist sprays and wet wipes can be applied on all hard surfaces including walls, tiles, glass,  plexiglass, plastics, stainless steel,  floors, sanitary ware and more.

Viridis surface disinfectants are suitable for use in households, factories, food processing facilities, F&B outlets, hospitals, childcare institutions, transport terminals and more, where there is a need to prevent bacteria, viruses, moulds, yeasts or algae from proliferating.


Powerful and longer-lasting protection

Clinically-proven to be effective against harmful germs, Viridis hard surface disinfectants are able to kill pathogens within 60 seconds. After it has dried, Viridis continues to offer residual barrier protection for up to 24 hours by continuing to neutralise and repel pathogens, preventing recontamination on the surfaces.


Our multi-surface disinfectants and wet wipe disinfectants are water-based and non-corrosive, making them suitable for a wide variety of hard surfaces including plastic, metal, stainless steel, acrylic glass and more.


Unique disinfection formulation

Broad anti-microbial efficacy

Non-corrosive to surface materials


100% biodegradable


Continues to kill pathogens when dry

24-hour residual efficacy protection

99.999% effective against a broad spectrum of microbes


Causes no dryness to skin


Areas of use

Medical devices made of acrylic glass, acrylic surfaces and other plastic surfaces that are sensitive to alcohol. Effective on all hard surfaces in clinical facilities and food preparation areas including stainless steel, plastics, tiles, floors, walls, fridges and sanitary ware.

Active ingredients

Lactic acid, 2-Phenoxyethanol

Our range of surface disinfectants

Viridis Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral Multi-Surface Disinfectant
500ml Mist Spray  

Viridis Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral Multi-Surface Disinfectant
500ml Trigger Spray

Viridis Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral
Wet Wipe Disinfectant (Tub) 

How to use

Viridis Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral Multi-Surface Disinfectant

Clean surface and remove dirt before applying Viridis Multi-Surface Disinfectant. Make sure all visible soiling is removed before disinfection.

Viridis Multi-Surface Disinfectant comes in Mist Spray and Trigger Spray forms. To apply the Mist Spray, spray from a distance of about 15 to 20cm directly onto the surface. Ensure that the surface is fully coated then allow to dry. There is no need to rinse. To apply the Trigger Spray, twist the nozzle to an open position and spray from a distance of about 15cm to 20 cm directly onto the surface. Leave for 2 minutes before wiping over with a clean, damp cloth. Allow to dry. There is no need to rinse.

The equipment or surfaces to be treated should have an even coating on the surface. Do not spray directly on to electrical outlets. For electrical outlets, apply with a cloth and wipe.

Viridis Multi-Surface Disinfectant is water based and non-hazardous and should be allowed to air dry.

Once Viridis Multi-Surface Disinfectant has air-dried the treated areas will be effectively sanitised following a contact time of 5 minutes. Re-apply on high traffic areas such as touch screens or door handles regularly.

Viridis Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral Wet Wipe Disinfectant

Make sure that all visible soiling is removed before disinfection.

Thoroughly coat surfaces with impreganted wipe, ensuring that the intended area is completely wet and allow formulation to take effect.

Allow surface to dry naturally.

Ensure lid is tightly closed after use.

Microbiocidal Efficacy of Viridis Surface Disinfectants

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